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Monday to Friday 8:30am until 6pm

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Emergency, cover is provided by this practice out of hours
Tel: 0161 763 4242

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Call NHS 111 on 111 - for free expert NHS health advice and information 24 hours a day
(calls charged at local rates).

NHS Walk-in Centers, 22 Derby Way Bury. Rochdale Infirmary. Whitehall Street Rochdale. Arndale Centre Middleton. New Radcliffe Street Oldham - to see an experienced nurse for treatment of minor injuries and illnesses seven days a week, 7am until 10pm. You do not need an appointment.

Your local pharmacist will be able to give you free health advice and you don't need an appointment. Many pharmacies operate extended hours on a rota basis. For details call NHS 111 on 111.

This practice is within the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT District Primary Care Trust area.

You can now order your repeat prescriptions online. Before you can use this service please come in to the practice to setup the details required. If you have already done this, please click the image below to order your repeat prescription.

Patient Access


The Woodside Medical Centre serves the whole of Middleton as well as its surrounding villages.

Our team includes five GPs,1 Practice Nurses, 1 Assistant Practitioner,1 Phlebotomist as well as our Practice Manager, Assistant Practice Manager and  reception staff.

We offer a full general practice service and run specialist clinics for children and pregnant women, diabetes and asthma sufferers and for patients needing minor surgery.

At The Woodside Medical Centre, we aim to treat all our patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence. We feel it is important you know who you are speaking to, so our practice staff will identify themselves on the telephone.

This leaflet is for both existing patients and those considering registering with us. It tells you about our services, how to access them and some general information about how our practice operates.

If you live in our practice area and would like to register with us, please complete one of our registration forms that are available from all our receptions.

Practice News




Practice Announcement

Dr Maynard has decided to reduce his hours rather than taking full retirement he has now reduced his session from 8 to 4. This means that he will be available two days per week


Dr Kirsten Williams will be joining the practice from 03.03.2014. Dr Williams will be working over 5 sessions per week.


Last Patient Participation Group Meeting 13.02.2014 ( would you like to become a member)

No experience is necessary just a willingness to work together. A sense of humour would be a great advantage along with a genuine interest to be involved with members of the practice population and local community and an understanding that change can be beneficial. Ideally we would like a variety of ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.  Other individual skills would certainly be appreciated but are not essential








  1. Recruitment
The group still requires new members. Flyers are going out to patients, new patients are being approached upon registration. Tina asked members of the group if they would have some time, perhaps a few members could spare an afternoon to sit in the waiting room. The members would be identified, and would wait for patients to approach them.
We could also get an idea of any new services patient would like to see.
It is important that the members remain in partial during this session.
Please let me know who would like to take this up, along with some dates.

  1. Changes within the Practice
Dr Hyman has now retired from the practice as from November 2013
Dr Claire Ives has now joined the practice as from 08.11.2013 on 7 sessions
Dr Kerstin Williams will be joining the practice as from 01.03.2014
Working 5 sessions
Dr Maynard is to reduce his sessions from 14.02.2014 down from 8 to 4 sessions
Dr Vidyavathi Has increased to 7 sessions (from 4 sessions)
Dr‘s Manchester, Brady - details remain un changed at this time.
  1. Appointments
The re structure of the Partnership has given us a chance to change the way that we are currently working. We have introduced a new Triage System, where the GP on call that day will Triage minor illness, re direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional, or speak to the patient. The aim of this process is to free up appointment within the week which will have a positive effect on the appointment system.
We are also involved in the Middleton Pilot. Practices in Middleton have come together to provide an out of hours facility. Each practice is able to book appointments in the evening and at weekends. Patient can be seen by our out of hours provider BARDOC the venue is Peterloo Medical Centre.
  1. Telephone System
The practice is actively trying to work with patients to ease the telephone traffic, promoting on-line prescription ordering, on line appointment access, directing patients to the dedicated prescription line avoiding the main telephone number. Requesting that patient do not ring to see if a prescription is ready, just to call at the time given. We are a very busy practice; the volume of calls received on a day to day basis is very high. However the general feeling is if we can re direct the traffic and advise patients of other methods to order prescriptions and make appointments it will have a positive effect on the in coming telephone


This is still an ongoing issue. However we feel that a further attempt would be appropriate. Brendon has been investigating activity into the developments at the rear of the practice and also brought plans to this effect. It might be worth meeting with somebody at Rochdale/Riverside again to pursue the possibility of gaining some space for car parking again. Tina will make contact with Brendon when a meeting has been discussed. Brendon has agreed to accompany Tina at this meeting.
  1. Suggestion Box
The group was keen on setting up a suggestion box for patients to contribute to ideas for improvement, new services etc. This was agreed and will be action as it is believed to be a good idea.
  1. Poster In the waiting Room
We discussed the idea of moving around the posters in the waiting area. The idea of this is to promote areas of interest
  • What is going on in the community
  • Move the Patient Participation information so patients can see more easily
This was also agreed.
Tina suggested that if the group wanted to meet sooner than the arranged date, then we had no objections to the group meeting without an attendance from the practice, also the room would be available if required.
Time and Date of Next Meeting 08.05.2014 4pm-6pm

  1. Parking-

How can you help

We are actively involved in trying to take some pressure off the incoming telephone traffic.

How can you help?

Repeat Prescriptions

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Use the dedicated telephone line to order your repeat prescription 0161 643 9431 available to you 24 hours per day, Seven days per week including bank holidays. (please allow 2 working days if using this facility)


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Please ring after 3pm for all test results

Dont ring to check if your prescription is ready. It will be ready at the time given to collect. All repeat prescriptions are ready in 48hours.